Taking it a notch higher – Lucy Wanjiru Waweru grows her business

Lucy Wanjiru Waweru has been borrowing KES 10,000 to 20,000. When she started she was selling undergarments on the street. After review, he determined her viability using her home assets that have sufficient value. She looked for a guarantor – a guarantor is any person with an income willing to guarantee.

She is married and has two kids.

They went to the guarantor who had a shop at the market and had her own house making her a good guarantor. Peter did an income analysis and determined she was viable for KES 10,000.

The first month she took 10,000 while still selling on the side of the road. Month 2 she took 12. After the third month, her income began increasing. She promoted her business and took a shop in the market. She switched from undergarments to uniform. Now she borrows 15-20k a month.

Before she used to make 3-4k per month selling undergarments for children and young adults.Now she makes uniforms for boarding schools in Kangemi. Her best months are when schools are being opened and closed. In between those days, she makes sweaters.

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