Robin Nzame Nzoe

Robin Nzame Nzoe borrows between 8 and 2k. Right now, tomatoes are very expensive, so he takes more. He began with Beatrice Muthee in 2017 with 8k. Business was really low and he was located in a non-performing area. He was the only one supporting the furniture and he couldn’t grow as fast as he’d have liked, taking care with the wife and family. His assets only allowed him to borrow KES 8,000. He got a guarantor and the loan was paid out.

Beatrice advised Robin on the best way to improve his business and borrowed enough to buy stock. After he paid the first loan, he took another and doubled his stock. Business began getting better and he moved to a new location. Per day, his income is between 3k to 6k a day.

His affable and pleasant personality improves his sales.

He now has two shops. His wife runs the old one. Now his loans go up to KES 20,000


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