Esther Nyambura Mwangi upgrades her shop

She has been borrowing KES 20,000 with a small boutique. In a week, it was making around KES 15,000 but she had many obligations. We couldn’t fund her too much and we could only give her KES 20,000/week. Making 15,000 per week, she could comfortably pay KES 5,000 without incurring too much stress. She would pay rent for the house and the shop at the same time. She owuld budget her income in a way thatshe was able to pay her loan and buy products for the business as well as pay her one employee who was taking home KES 5,000 per month allowing her to save KES 3,000 per week.

When her business began making more money, it needed more money to sustain. She requested for KES 50,000. With this 50,000 she brought in mattresses which proved to be a big hit. She paid them off within a month. The next month, she took another 50,000 and brought in suitcases and the massive plastic bags popular in Nigerian movies in December targetting the fact that many people would go back to their home counties for the holidays. Her gamble paid off and she sold her entire stock.

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